Can I set Rdns under Client area?

rDNS setup is manual you need to email us we will set asap.

 Do you provide CentOS/Debian as OS?

We have Many more OS options for VPS & Dedicated Servers you can select at your suitable...

 Fully Managed VPS Available?

Yes we have multiple locations in our website visit:

 Guaranteed Up time?

We promised you 99.95% + in all our server locations.

 Ipv6 Available with vps?

Currently Ipv6 is not available in all location but we have many locations available instocked at...

 What Cover under Fully Managed VPS-Dedicated Server?

we only manage what we install. For example if you order a VPS with no control panel we only...

 Which Locations VPS you have?

Alot :) we have many locations available in usa - Germany - London - India - Amsterdam & many...

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